A Message From NOAH NY President ..

 In 2008, NOAH NY was officially created and decided to change its focus in the manner that we conducted medical missions. Since then NOAH NY, in partnership with the Haitian American Alliance (HAA), EDRA, ADFE, Haiti Soccer Project has conducted several medical missions in northern Haiti in the city of Fort Liberte with an all volunteer staff. Our missions emphasize education and encompass healthcare, educational seminars for educators, physical education, planning and development. In Fort Liberte Hospital, NOAH NY has performed approximately three hundred surgeries and has treated over ten thousand men, women and children. After the earthquake of January 2010, We maintained a presence in Port-au-Prince for six months because the need was so great. Subsequently, we also increased our presence in Fort Liberte. Now, things are changing, slowly but surely, in the northeast corridor of Haiti. For example, in Caracol an industrial park is being built that will employ at least twenty thousand people. The closest hospital to the industrial park is Fort Liberte Hospital, a hospital that is barely a shell of what it should be. For the people of Fort Liberte, the free medical care that we provide is an answer to their many prayers.

Recently, Fort Liberte has requested that NOAH NY make a long term healthcare commitment to its citizenry. This commitment would include working with the Haitian government to rebuild the hospital, treat patients with our volunteer staff, and along with our partners, Howard University and EMEDEX, teach future Haitian and American medical professionals to provide all necessary levels of care. This is an ambitious but doable endeavor that will need the ongoing support of our volunteers, our partners and friends like you. With one dollar, one volunteer, one mission, we can and will make a difference for the people of Fort Liberte. With your help, we will continue to “save lives one at a time.” Many blessings to you and your families, and as always, I value and appreciate your loyal support of our work…


Henry R. Paul, MD