Our History

About Us

NOAH NY is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization and is committed to providing underserved communities in Haiti with free medical care. Each year since 2009, NOAH NY organizes a week-long medical mission to a town or city in Haiti in order to provide everything from routine medical check-ups to life saving surgical procedures.


A Message From Dr. Paul

In 2008, NOAH NY, Inc. was officially created in order to promote a new focus in the manner that medical missions were conducted.  After the earthquake of January 2010, NOAH NY maintained a presence in Port-au-Prince for 6 months to cover the much needed support and as a result  increased our presence in the northeast. In partnership with the Haitian American Alliance, EDRA, ADFE, Howard University, and HealthFirst, NOAH NY has conducted several medical missions in the city of Fort Liberte and its surrounding towns with an all volunteer staff.  Our missions emphasize on education for the local medical students, medical residents, nursing students, continuing medical education conferences at the State University of Haiti – Limonade Campus, and  providing health and educational services in the northeast area.

Presently, the northeast area is experiencing economic and industrial growth with the new Caracol Industrial Park that has approximately 13,000 employees.  With the limited access to quality urgent care, NOAH NY is well positioned to provide the needed health services to many with the construction of the state of the art urgent care center in Caracol.  The Caracol center will provide quality care to the patients while also providing educational, and training sessions to Haitians, and American medical professionals in the various specialties. This is an ambitious but doable endeavor that will need the ongoing support of our volunteers, partners and friends like you.  With your help and loyal commitment, we can make a difference in saving Lives One Person At A Time.

We value and appreciate your support for our work, many blessings to you and your family.

Henry R. Paul, MD

Our Missions

We have a two-part mission:

  • To provide accessible, high-quality medical treatment to the underserved communities of Northeastern Haiti in a manner that protects the dignity and independence of our patients with the highest standards of integrity, impartiality and openness.
  • To advance the field of primary medical care in the community by providing educational opportunities for both current and future local medical practitioners.

Our Vision

We are seeking to advance the continued growth, advancement and sustainability of medical care in the region by both directly providing primary care to underserved communities and individuals in a manner reflecting our commitment to respect, excellence and integrity in addition to training future and current local medical practitioners in the latest and most effective means of treatment.

Our Projects

Our Impact

It is our mission to provide access to medical care to underserved communities in Northeastern Haiti. Since 2009, NOAH NY has completed 1000 surgeries  and have provided medical care to over 30,000 people in Fort Liberte and its surrounding town.

Our Partners

Howard University
Health First
Rad Aid